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Hi everyone!

Welcome to my blog, Romancing the Readers. I started it back in May of 2012 when after 14 years of working at a new/used bookstore ended. I loved my time there and I really didn't want it to end. My favorite part was talking about books, so it started this blog. of course in the beginning I had no clue what I was doing or the lingo. After a lot of mistakes I'm still no closer to knowing what I'm dong, but at least I'm having a great time not knowing! 

I'm sure you feel the same way as me, books are very important in my life. Because of them I've met some wonderful people. Back in 2012 I became a Avon Addict:

I've met so many great bloggers, readers, authors and members of the Avon team! I was so honored to be invited to join such a wonderful group of fellow bloggers and readers. 

Since then my blog has gotten bigger and I've been lucky enough to join a few very good tour groups. They keep me very busy and you very informed. 

I read so many books last year but here are some of my all time favorites I read in 2017

1. Face the Flames by Jo Davis
2. Mastering Her Senses by Laura Kaye
3. Set The Night on Fire by Jennifer Bernard 
4. It Happened On Love Street by Lia Riley
5. Cougar Bait by Evangeline Anderson
6. Wired by Julie Garwood
7. Irresistible You by Kate Meader
8. The Other Girl by Erica Spindler 
9. Deck the Halls by Donna Alward
10. Can't Forget You by Rachel Lacey

Some of my all time favorite authors are:

Julie Garwood
Jill Shalvis
Susan Mallery
Johanna Lindsey
Jennifer Ashley
All most all of Avon authors
Beth Ciotta

There is so many more that I really don't have room. Just keep a eye on my blog and you'll know which ones I really like. 

If you need to get in touch with me here is where you can

Stop by any time!
Ann (Romancing the Readers)

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