Happy 4th of July!!!

For those who are celebrating the 4th of July today I want to wish you a great day with your family and friends. So I don't leave out those who aren't celebrating the holiday, I hope you spend your day reading a good book. I know at some point I will be. At the moment I'm reading Susan Mallery's Three Little Words. If you haven't read her I think you'd like her. She writes sweet, funny, small town books. After that who knows what I'll pick. If your anything like me, you too, have huge to-be-read piles. I don't think I'll ever be able to read them all, but, I giving it a good college try. Feel free to give a shout out to what you're reading. I'm sure everyone would love to hear about what your loving or hating at the moment. Stay safe for the holiday. Happy reading!